Environmental concerns and sustainability efforts are the prime focus area of the organization. We believe in manufacturing our products in a responsible and eco sensitive manner, to help reduce carbon footprints and make our products as widely recyclable as possible.

We have installed ACHENBACH OPTIPURE AIRPURE® EXHAUST AIR PURIFICATION Systems which serve for the energy-optimized separation and recovery of rolling oil from the rolling mill exhaust air. ACHENBACH AIRPURE® EXHAUST AIR PURIFICATION means resource saving purification of the rolling mill exhaust air and rolling oil recovery even while surpassing worldwide known environmental constraints.

Sustainable manufacturing practices starts from implementing the most energy efficient technology, enhancing material efficiency, process/equipment productivity backed by pollution prevention practices and adoption of cleaner technologies.

Round the clock efforts to conserve resources

Energy Conservation

Water Conservation


Safety Practices (Accident free record)

Empowerment of employees


We Believe in an inclusive future of equal opportunities and align our CSR Policies with the same values.

Our current focus is on the immediate neighbourhood where we are looking at:

Promoting education with particular focus on the girl child.

Provide vocational training to enhance employment opportunity unities.

Ensure environmental sustainability including ecological balance, protection of flora and fauna, animal welfare , conservation of natural resources, maintaining quality of soil, air and water.

Provide medical care and relief to less enabled communities.

Promoting preventive Healthcare, and eradicating Hunger, Poverty and Malnutrition.

Improving sanitation and making available safe drinking water.

Empowering Women and Promoting Gender Equality.

To provide relief, support and rehabilitation incase of natural calamities.

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